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I'm Chelsea, and I love Ghost.


© Makinenkatri 

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© Trevor Shredder



I’m Papa.
You’re not.


More from my shoot for Drac-In-A-Box, the coat is the thing I am modelling for them here. It was a rather warm day! 

Photographer: Loris Marseglia Photography

Model and MUA: Florie Stardust Alt Model

Please keep the credits! x

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N’aww! It’s us. 

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My hat from the Ghost concert at Mojoe’s. Got all six band member signatures on it. Really cool, down to earth guys. One lady tried to ask one of them what their name was and his response was “uh… upside down triangle?”

Rule number one is; Don’t ask their names… DUHHH… Silly lady.

Lovely hat anyways! <3 

I keep having dreams of Ghost covering Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted to Love’ and making a music video with Moustache Papa.

They changed the lyrics to ‘Addicted to Ghost’ though and I wake up every time thinking it’s real, but it never is.

They should totally, totally do it. Do it Ghost.